Much to my surprise, my art was used in this week’s Continue?!I made pixel portraits of Paul, Nick and Josh back in December of 2013, and the Paul’s portrait was featured in this weeks Razor Freestyle Scooter episode.  You can view the original images here!
Keep up the good work guys! Check out Continue? here

whoops, I just noticed I made some posts on this blog that were supposed to be on my other blog. Sorry about that :0


Concept art for the Bluffington Big Band Musical Comic Book set to release January 2015 by Devyn Park.

So freaking excited.

Some quick head sketches of a thing I’m working on with my dude joe-lou, very excited to be working on this project.Oh and sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve been pretty busy with moving apartments, work, etc… Expect some uploads soon though and thanks for sticking around everyone!
Evil Bun!
"Nobody exists on purpose, Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody’s gonna die. Come watch some TV." - Rick and Morty
Work In Progress!
A quick digital project I started a while ago and finally wrapped up. What if the creature from the black lagoon had a totally bangin’ daughter? The completely obscured background text reads “Oh hey there cutie”.
One of two illustrations I’ve been working on! I’ve been very into hand lettering and vibrant colors. Can you guess what the other illustration will be about?Represent your outdoor-sy pride folks!
Working on a new thing! Yay!

Here are my first three drafts of my Kung Pow illustration series!
I can’t decide what I want to put on the scrolls below their faces, I’m debating between their names or one of their memorable quotes. If you’re a big Kung Pow fan and wanna share some of your favorite quotes with me feel free to shoot me a message!

I’m also working on stickers for Wimp-lo, Master Tang, and Whoa. I’m very excited to see the finished products!