Printed and ready to go for the sale! Awwwww yeah, too pumped.
Another possible art sale print :0

A sweet pattern filled with fierce babes I’ve been working on for the RISD student art sale!

If you’re in RI on April 12th come on by and say hi! I’ll be selling other prints and some original work.

A little illustration I made of my dude Joe-lou.

He’s making a sick robot helmet right now and you can check out his progress on his site (click the hyper-linkkk)

Could this possibly be the first Joe-lou official fan art? Maybe, I dunno actually EDIT, this isn’t the first joe-lou fan art so that really sucks … 

Another illustration for my Illustrating the Inferno class, this time its the Sodomites.
The Suicide Forest in Dante’s Inferno represented through a decorative pattern. Made for my Illustrating the Inferno course: 9x 12” Gouache 
This week’s New York, New Yorker cover!